Age specific Programs

The Dawson Boys & Girls Club offers three distinct groups designed around the abilities and developmental stages of the participants. These groups are age specific and each curriculum is  built to stimulate all aspects of learning, touching on gross and fine motor development, socio-affective relationships, language and cognitive development.

Postnatal Meet Ups (Parents with 0-1 year olds) Wednesdays from 9:15-11:15 am

Parents and their infants from birth to 1 year are welcomed in this group. Informal discussions help new parents form friendships and share ideas, questions and strategies. Our educator leads arts and craft activities and animates discussions and activities on topics such as infant sign language, songs and stories, nutrition, developmental milestones, etc.

*please note that families can arrive for and leave this group at any time in the 2 hour block

Busy Bees Playgroup (1-3 year olds) Tuesday and Thursday mornings 9:15-11:15

This group is for children aged 1 to 3 years. Sessions usually begin with station based free play. Toys and activities are offered and established to target specific learning goals. Children are encourages to explore freely and our educator and animators support the child’s own creativity and curiosity. After free play the group tidies the room together and a healthy snack is offered. Afterwards, more structures group games and activities are animated by our staff.

Leap Frogs preschool Group (3-5 year olds) Tuesday and Thursday afternoons 12:45-3:00

Our preschool group is designed to help children from 3 to 5 years understand and adapt more readily to the school environment. These sessions begin with targeted free play where stations are set up around the room, each with an activity designed to stimulate learning objectives. Children are encouraged to explore freely. Each activity block includes time in the gym where gross motor development is fostered through a variety of games and activities. Snacks are provided and sessions end with stories, songs and group activities. Our preschool group helps children understand the pacing and routines expected in the school system as well as strengthening their abilities all in a fun and nurturing environment.

For more information Please Contact: Cindy Cohen
Phone:514-767-9967 ext 234

For more information Please Contact : Ingrid Intrevado
Phone:514-767-9967 ext 228