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Dawson Boys & Girls club is a non-profit recreational and educational organization that serves over 700 members yearly as well as many non-members. We strive to offer a welcoming atmosphere where people can meet, learn and grow as individuals and support each other to form a stronger sense of community.

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We are posting this message during the festive season as part of our annual emailling campaign.

The Dawson Boys & Girls Club is a multi-generational community centre that depends on many public and private funding sources to keep its wide array of programming going. All services and activities provided by Dawson are and have been, determined by the evolving needs of Verdun residents.

SnowmanUnfortunately, financial pressure on our traditional funding sources, such as Centraide and various government agencies, have resulted in community organizations like Dawson to be doing much, much more with ever-shrinking budgets. Therefore, it is important that we diversify and increase our funding.

With your financial donation, Dawson can continue to provide support to its community. Often, project based funding is missing very important administrative and human resource considerations, limiting itself to providing monies solely for material and resources directly relating to specific projects. Yet, without that support, all projects become less sustainable.

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What we are requesting is more mission based funding, which can allow management to put the money where it is most needed. With the help of our very competent and involved Board of Directors, Dawson can prioritize those areas that need the most urgent support.
Thanking  you in advance for your generosity. 
N.B. For those interested in making an online donation, please click here:
Pietro Bozzo
Executive Director
Dawson Boys & Girls Club
666 rue Woodland
Verdun, QC H4H 1V8
(514) 767-9967 #222 
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Dawson Boys & Girls club offers a variety of programs for all ages.

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